Your Room

Checklist of items to bring

Food, food storage, labels, crockery, cutlery, pots, pans, cooking utensils, washing-up liquid, tea towels.

Bedding, towels, personal belongings, clothes and footwear, toiletries, toilet roll for ensuites, any cleaning products you wish to use in your room.

Bedding Packs

Students are expected to provide their own bed linen, duvet, and pillows. This may be difficult for students travelling from abroad; therefore, it is possible to purchase a bedding pack on arrival.

The cost of the bedding pack is £45, and it includes a duvet, pillow, sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase. Students wishing to purchase a bedding pack should arrange payments by contacting Finance Service Team via email

Inventory forms

On arrival, you will be given an inventory to complete for your accommodation, which you should use to record any faults or defects that you find in your room when you move in. This inventory is used to assess the condition of your room after you vacate it at the end of the academic year before your damage deposit is refunded. It is therefore very important that any faults are recorded on arrival so that you are not charged for their rectification when you leave.

Key / Door Cards

For the halls of residence to remain safe and secure as well as for your personal safety, security must be a priority for all residents. Keys and door cards allow entry to site, outer doors of blocks, flat doors, and bedroom doors. These keys and door cards must not be shared with anyone.

  • Under no circumstances must you force open any of the outer doors for blocks or press the emergency release panels. If you have lost or forgotten your card and/or keys please come and talk to the Accommodation Team who will support, you.
  • The charge to replace a lock is £250.00 and replacement keys cost £50.00

Breaching security of the site and other students by forcing open doors or sharing keys may result in disciplinary action.


Your room is furnished with a bed, wardrobe, a desk and chair so there should be no need to provide additional furniture. If anything breaks during your stay, please report it to the Accommodation Team.


We do not offer a storage service of belongings, for example, if you were staying for a second year, we don’t have the space to keep your belongings here. Over the summer period maintenance works and deep cleans are conducted so bedrooms must be clear.

A list can be provided of local storage companies for you to contact should you wish to store your belongings with them rather than bring them home.


The heating in the bedrooms will normally be on from October to the end of April. All radiators have a temperature control, please use this to regulate your room temperature. During the warmer months between May to September, the heating system is turned off.

If you have any concerns about your radiator not heating up or does not turn on between October to the end of April, please speak to a member of the Accommodation Team.


Do not flush wipes or sanitary products down the toilets as this will cause a blockage. Deliberately blocking toilets with other objects will result in charges which will be taken from your deposit payment.

Sanitary bins are provided for all female residents and are emptied regularly. You will be notified of the collection day and are asked to leave the bins in the corridor for contractors.

Internet Access

The installation and personal Wi-Fi routers is not permitted.

Internet access both wired and wireless is available at The Gables Halls of Residence. This is included in the accommodation fees. This access becomes available once you are enrolled on at least one course and have received your Student ID. Games consoles, mobile phones, tablets, PCs and laptops may use the wireless connection provided in bedrooms and communal areas, but availability cannot be guaranteed in the grounds. Accommodation staff can provide you with a list of the details that IT support require to enable your devices access to the internet. Without providing these details, your devices will not work. There is no limit to the number of devices you can use in Accommodation.

The Gables Site’s internet connection is ran over the College’s 10 Gig internet connection on a 1 to 1 connection ratio to the Janet network. There are no restrictions to the Accommodation internet for residents. Access is managed through the College Firewalls, which will restrict access to illegal and explicit websites in accordance with the College’s IT Policies. IT also provides regular reports of misuse to the College, Accommodation Department and Head of IT. Sometimes websites get blocked that may be classed as acceptable. Please contact IT Support on the email below if you believe that a website may have been blocked in error.

If you need any further information regarding the Internet at the Halls of Residence or need to report a blocked website, please contact the IT Team directly at:

TV licences

All students living in halls watching live television, either on a computer or on a normal television, will require their own television licence by law. You are not covered by the halls of residence’s licence.

The authorities do check and can fine you for not having a licence. Please visit the TV Licensing website for more information.

Room moves

If you have a request to move room during your stay, come and talk to the Accommodation Team to explain why. We will look at each case on an individual basis and will assist where we can but cannot guarantee that moves are always possible.

If you do move room, a departure inventory will be conducted on your old room to assess for any damages, and you will need to conduct an arrival inventory on your new room and sign an updated Licence Agreement to reflect the new room number. There may be financial implications to the move too as not all the accommodation is the same price, we can advise you on this.