Your college account is essential for accessing a number of college systems. Soon after enrollment, you will receive your Student ID and information on how to set your password for your new Loughborough College account.

Account Details

Your Student ID number found on your student card is what will be used as your username. You need it to log on to computers at college and into some systems along with the password you created when you first enrolled on a course.

For some systems, you will log on with your Student ID; for others, you will use your college email address, which is your Student ID plus @student.loucoll.ac.uk (e.g. 123456@student.loucoll.ac.uk). As a general rule anything that is connected to Microsoft 365 will require your email address, otherwise it will likely be just your Student ID.

Software & Systems

You will have access to a wide range of software and systems once you enroll in a course at Loughborough College.

Microsoft 365 authenticated systems.

These use your college email address as a username (e.g. 123456@student.loucoll.ac.uk)

Non-Microsoft 365 authenticated systems.

These use your Student ID as a username. (e.g. 123456)

Help & Support

If you need any additional help or your question is not answered anywhere on this helpdesk you have a number of different options depending on your issue.

If you have issues with your password go to your.loucoll.ac.uk and reset it. For support on resetting your password head to our Username and Password page.

Contact IT Support for issues relating to:

  • Account, username, and password issues
  • Problems accessing computer systems generally
  • Issues concerning hardware and software on college computer systems

IT Support can be found in the Stationery shop on the ground floor of B-block, on 01509 618369 or by email at ITHelpdesk@loucoll.ac.uk.

Remember you can always contact your lecturers and tutors for help and support as they may be able to resolve simple issues and concerns including access to some of the systems you need to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are my login details?

You need to be enrolled in a course at the college. Once you enrol your account will automatically be created.

If you are enrolled on a course your login details are your Student ID number and password (or full email address for Microsoft 365 systems).

What is my username?

Your username is the same as your college Student ID number and this is printed on your ID badge.

For some systems it is just your ID number and password for others it is your full email address and password.

What is my password?

To set or reset your password visit your.loucoll.ac.uk

What is Single Sign On (SSO)?

The Single Sign On means that you should only need to login to many systems once and your browser will automatically log you into other systems connected to the college.  For example, if you first sign into the Student Dashboard (www.lcstudent.com) it should then sign you into LearnZone or Microsoft 365 automatically if you click on the links on the Student Dashboard page.

I can't sign another user out.

Try clearing the cookies and data in your browser.