Shared Spaces

Living together in halls

Every resident has the right to fully enjoy their time here. Help us achieve this by:

  • Everyone has different timetables for both study, sporting activity and leisure time, be respectful by keeping the noise levels low
  • Everyone has different tolerances including different types of humour and what they feel are acceptable levels of behaviour and standards, be mindful of this and respect personal space and keep communal spaces clean
  • Respect all staff and listen to their instructions. Filming of staff conducting their duties is not acceptable and may result in disciplinary action.
  • If you are experiencing difficulties with other people you are living with, you could first try talking to them and attempt to work together to resolve it. Sometimes this may seem difficult but often a simple conversation can go a long way to solving compatibility issues.
  • If you find you are unable to resolve the situation, seek advice and help from the Accommodation Team as soon as possible who will work with to find a solution.

Communal Space

The Common Room is available, it has a table tennis table, Xbox, and vending machines.

This will close at 10:45pm every night in preparation for the nightly checks.


The launderette was upgraded in April 2021 and it has 4 new washing machines and 4 new dryers. There is reservation and cashless payment system to use the laundry equipment which is facilitated by WashStation. The app for WashStation which can be downloaded from the App Store, Goggle Play or Huawei AppGallery.

The laundry room is located next to the student common room in Gables C Block. The washing machine currently costs £2.70 per wash and £1.20 for the dryer.

You must provide your own washing detergent, taking care not to overload the machines, and you must remove the lint from the dryers after use. The dryers will work efficiently and effectively to dry a full wash load. It is recommended that you only dry half of your wash load at a time.

The Accommodation Service does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to any items of clothing whilst using the washing and drying machines. Ironing facilities are available for use in the laundry room. You are not permitted to iron in your bedroom, but if you do bring your own iron, you may use it in the kitchen in your flat.


You are encouraged to make use of the grounds, however, please be considerate of other residents by keeping noise to a minimum and don’t play music outside. Students causing noise disturbances will be asked to return to their flat. Ball games are not allowed due to the lack of space, parked cars, windows, and busy main roads. Dispose of all rubbish in the bins provided. Don’t throw rubbish out of your kitchen or bedroom windows.