Accommodation Facilities and Services


You are responsible for cleaning your room. Hoovers are available in every kitchen for you to use. Room checks will be carried out to ensure you are keeping your room tidy. We understand we all have different standards of tidiness, but rooms must not have food leftovers kept in there or pose a health and safety risk.

The bathrooms in ensuite rooms are cleaned weekly by the Housekeeping team – they will provide you with a days’ notice by pinning a sign to your door. Access must be given to them, failure after 2 attempts for them to clean your ensuite could result in disciplinary action as hygiene standards must be maintained.

You are responsible for your laundry.

You are responsible for washing of all pots, pans, crockery, and cutlery. The Housekeeping team will empty the kitchen bins and clean the worktops and table. Dirty dishes that are not be washed after prompts from staff will be disposed of as it causes a health and safety issue. Kitchen inspections are done on a weekly basis.

Rubbish from your bedrooms must be disposed of by you into the outdoor bin area, not into the kitchen bins.

Post and parcels

Letters will be delivered in the evenings to your post boxes in the entrance to your block.

Any parcels will be kept in the main office in the EAPC. You will need to come and collect them and sign the book to confirm you have taken them.

Any special deliveries that require a code upon delivery will be accepted if you notify us of the code either prior to delivery or if we call you whilst the delivery driver is on site.

Postal address for deliveries is:


Block/room number

The Gables Site

115 Forest Road



LE11 3NW

Lost property

Any property found or handed in will be logged and stored by the Accommodation Team and held for 2 months. We will attempt to find the owner if the item is marked. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity. If you have lost something, please make the Accommodation Team aware.

Waste removal and recycling

Bins are provided in your kitchens for general waste and recycling. These will be emptied by the Housekeeping Team.

Bins are provided in your bedrooms which you will need to empty yourself in the outside bin area. Do not fill the kitchen bins with rubbish from your room.