IT Services

Loughborough College provides a range of Information Technology (IT) facilities for use by our staff and learners. By using the college computers and WiFi you agree to abide by college IT policies on eSafety, acceptable usage, Safeguarding and the proper use of IT Services provided by Loughborough College. Failure to follow the rules may result in disciplinary action.

IT Facilities

The college has a variety of facilities that students can access whilst onsite.

Some of the key facilities are:

  • Free wireless – Eduroam is the college’s free wireless access portal. -This is secure and requires a log-on.
  • Library PCs – Access these by visiting the library and booking a slot.
  • Breakout space PCs – We have a range of terminals where you can log into the Remote Desktop.
  • Laptop loans – You can book a laptop to borrow from the library.

Any many more. For any additional requirements, please contact the IT Services team or your tutor.


Loughborough College WiFi Access

All users of the wireless system will be subject to the same monitoring and filtering as the wired network. We have several monitoring platforms that monitor all internet traffic and provide reports to both the IT Management and also the Learner Services department.

All reports are confidential, but accessing illicit sites will be flagged and reported to your tutor and/or Curriculum Manager.

Carrying out any of the following actions will result in your account being suspended, subject to a full investigation:

  • Accessing or modifying other users’ data or system software.
  • Using the IT facilities for any illegal or unauthorised purpose.
  • Storing or making publicly accessible any data, text, image or program which is unlawful or offensive.
  • Storing, processing or distributing material that infringes the copyright of another person or organisation.
  • Sending unsolicited, commercial, unauthorised or illegal advertising material.
  • Anything that does not accord with the aims or objectives of the college.
  • Anything that, whether lawful or not, could bring the college into disrepute.


College IT Security

All college systems are protected by several aspects of Cyber Security functions. Loughborough College uses Web Filtering, Anti-Virus and SPAM protection across all of our services. This helps the college stay safe and secure for all our learners.

Whilst using the college network, you must not deliberately introduce a virus, worm or other potentially harmful program to the college.


Software Requirements

Only software provided by college is to be used.

Installation and or modification of software on college devices is not allowed without authorisation from the IT Services team.

All requests for software installations are to be made to IT Services or your tutor to raise this request for you.

Users will not be permitted to run applications from externally attached devices (USB drives etc). All software used at the college must be legal; this includes your own laptops or tablet.



All students are given £5 printing credit per term for free. This can be used on all photocopiers that are positioned around the college.

When printing from a college PC or laptop, you must select the Follow-You printer from the drop-down list.

Your student ID card will provide access to all multifunctional devices for printing, copying and scanning. You need to swipe your card on the reader to access your print job or other printing facilities. Additional print credits can be purchased from the Library.

We also provide a range or printing facilities in our Repro Department, such as A0 printing and also poster printing to a high standard.

IT Support Contact Details

For IT related issues please visit us or contact:

Visit: Our office on the ground floor of B-block

Telephone: 01509 618369