LearnZone Assignments

LearnZone has two different types of assignment plugins of which you are likely to come across in the courses, units or modules.  These are:

  • Assignment
  • Turnitin Assignment 2

The main difference between these different types is that Turnitin is an external service that your lecturer can use to acquire a similarity report on the work you submit. To learn more about Turnitin please visit the help page for this plugin. This help page will focus on how you can use the Assignment plugin to submit work and access any feedback left by your lecturer or tutor.

The Assignment Plugin on LearnZone

You might notice an assignment tile within the sections of a course page.  An assignment is a sort of activity requiring you to complete a task and submit evidence.  You may need to submit a file or enter your submission using an online text editor.

The tile itself contains information on whether or not you have already submitted anything to the assignment for assessment.  Notice on the image below that is currently states ‘Not Submitted’, thus meaning nothing has been submitted by the user at present.  To find out how to add a submission continue down below.

Additionally, your lecturer may have set a number of different features that you may need to take into consideration when submitting.  For example, the assignment may have a start date, a deadline and/or could have restricted file types.  If you are having issues submitting your work please contact your lecturer.  Remember that all of your attempts whether they fail or not, are logged so we will be able to determine if you have attempted to submit your work in the case of any issues raised.

To enter the assignment simply click on the title text of the assignment tile.  Once inside you will see the instructions for the assignment (assuming your lecturer has added these) and an ‘Add Submission’ block and button.

Submitting Your Work

Submitting your work on an assignment is relatively easy.  Simply locate the assignment tile (see above) and click on it.  Once the assignment page has loaded you will see the instructions for the assignment (assuming your lecturer has added them).  You will see a block with an ‘Add Submission’ button, of which you should click to submit your work for this assignment.

To begin the process of submitting your assignment look for a block with an ‘Add Submission’ button, of which you should click to submit your work for this assignment.

Generally, you will be required to add your assignment submission in one of two ways.  The first method is using the online text editor, where you can type directly into the web browser, insert images, videos, audio, and much more.  The second method involves submitted an allowed file type for assessment, such as a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint file.  Be aware there may be a word limit, or a file size limit.  If you are having issues trying to submit your work, contact your lecturer for further instruction.

Getting Your Feedback

After you have made your submission to the assignment plugin your lecturer may mark the assignment and provide you with a grade and some feedback.  This is not always a requirement and you should discuss this with your lecturer if you are expecting any feedback from the submission.  Sometimes the assignment plugin may just be used as a way for you to send files to your lecturer for any number of reasons.

However, should you receive feedback all you need to do is access the same assignment by clicking on it.  Once there you will be able to see your grading and feedback.  If you have any concerns about your grade or feedback please contact the member of staff that provided the feedback.

Depending on how the lecturer has setup the assignment you may be able to edit your submission, or completely remove it and re-submit it.  If you need to do this, but can not, please contact your lecturer for further instruction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I can't see my assignment.

If you have already had a good click around for the assignment and you can’t locate it, it could be for a number of reasons.  It could be that it doesn’t exist yet, or that it’s hidden.  Please contact your lecturer to ask them where the assignment is located.

I can't submit my work.

Depending on how your lecturer has setup the assignment you should be able to either use the online text editor or submit a file.  If you can’t see the ‘Add Submission’ button, check that the assignment start date has passed.  If not, you will need to contact your lecturer or wait for the date to pass.

My file type is not allowed.

Most normal file types are allowed.  The most common are .docx .pptx .xlsx .pdf and these should be allowed.  If you are having trouble try converting your file to a PDF.  If problems persist contact your lecturer.

I can't find or see my feedback.

To find your feedback simply go back into the section where you uploaded your submission.  If you can’t see any feedback, it’s probably because the feedback is not there or the date whereby all feedback is released has not yet been reached.

What's the difference between the assignment plugin and the Turnitin plugin.

The plugins are slightly different but essentially both are used to enable you to submit work.  Turnitin will run checks on your work to enable your lecturer to detect Plagiarism more easily; whereas the Assignment plugin does not.  However, your lecturer can still use Turnitin to detect plagiarism without using the Turnitin Assignment tool.