Accommodation Information

The Gabels AccommodationOur halls of residence are a five-minute walk from the College, Students’ Union, and the town centre, making student living easy and convenient. We offer 181 single bedrooms in purpose-built, modern halls with layouts from six/five-bedroom flats with en-suite bathrooms and shared kitchens as well as six-bedroom flats which have a shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Our accommodation has everything you’ll need to feel happy and settled whilst studying at Loughborough College. We have experience helping thousands of students who choose to move away from home and our Accommodation Team are on call 24 hours a day.

Accommodation Blocks

Accommodation at Loughborough College is provided in purpose-built Halls of Residence; Blocks A, B, C, D & E (164 Rooms) and one Converted House; The Elite Athlete Performance Centre (EAPC) (17 Rooms).

A Block: comprises 30 single bedrooms with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities in flats of 6 bedrooms. Each bedroom has a hand basin. The shared bathroom facilities include 2 shower cubicles, 2 toilet cubicles and 2 hand basins.

B Block: comprises 30 single ensuite bedrooms with shared kitchen facilities in flats of 5 bedrooms. Some bedrooms boast premium ensuite facilities as they have been refurbished.

C Block: comprises 34 single ensuite bedrooms with shared kitchen facilities in flats of 5 or 6 bedrooms. Some bedrooms boast premium ensuite facilities as they have been refurbished.

Common Room: The facilities of the C Block Common Room can be enjoyed by residents from all accommodation blocks. The C Block Common Room area also accommodates the onsite laundry facilities provided by Wash Station. For more information, please see Laundry.

D & E Blocks: each have 35 single ensuite bedrooms with shared kitchen facilities in flats of 5 or 6 bedrooms. Each flat kitchen has a TV.

EAPC: provides 11 standard single ensuite rooms and 6 large single ensuite rooms with shared kitchen and common room facilities unique to the residents of this accommodation.

Kitchen facilities in all buildings are equipped with industrial fridge and freezer units, electric hob and oven, toaster, kettle, microwave and vacuum cleaner, cupboard storage, tables, and chairs.

Accommodation Support Office

The team comprises of:

  • Accommodation Service Manager – Mary Bullivant
  • Senior Accommodation Officers – Paula Moylan-Mathers and Martyn Hobbins
  • Waking Night Warden – Geoff Ashley
  • Accommodation Support Officers x 10
  • Premises Officer – Paul Latimer
  • Housekeeping team

Staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact one of the team by coming to the office in the EAPC, calling or sending a text to 07909 892602 or send a WhatsApp message.

Any queries or concerns, please come and talk to a member of the team who will assist you.

Sometimes the Accommodation Team are doing site walks or dealing incidents and may not be in the office, please call them if it is urgent as they will always have the phone.

Access to rooms/space

We understand how important it is to have your own space. Except in emergency situations, such as a flood or fire, we will seek to give at least 24 hours notice before entering your accommodation. We will endeavour to keep you informed about contractors working in communal areas and give you as much notice as possible. Contractors employed to work at the college are verified in the same manner as college staff.

There are a few circumstances where you won’t receive advance notice. These are:

  • the exact date and time for work where a resident has reported a problem.
  • where we have significant health and safety concerns (including concerns for your welfare),
  • in an emergency such as flood, smell of gas, fire, or suspected fire,
  • fire drills (termly)
  • where a complaint has been received regarding an issue such as noise, behaviour or issues with visitors,
  • where a resident is reported as smoking in the building or possessing illegal drugs.

Staff will always carry identification. You should always refuse access to anyone who cannot provide ID.


Several flats on The Gables site have facilities that have been adapted for wheelchair users or mobility impaired students. If you have any special accommodation requirements, you should make the Accommodation Team aware when you apply and supply medical evidence regarding specific requirements. If specialist equipment is required, you may have to acquire the funding for supplying it.

Away from Accommodation

We encourage students to return home at weekends and for holiday periods as we feel this is important as for most it is your first experience of being away from home so regular contact can help with the transition.

Residents must complete a Notice of Absence Form (NOAF) 24 hours prior to leaving accommodation. On the form, you must state the dates you are leaving and returning along with the address you are going to. This information will be validated with parents for those who are accommodated as under 18.

During the nightly safe and well checks we need to account for all students accommodated in under 18 rooms. If you are not in your room for the check, we will follow a process to ensure you are safe. If you have returned home and not completed a form this will result in a phone call from staff to your parents after checks are complete which will be between 11.30pm and 00.15am to ask if you are at home. To avoid this, complete your form and parents, we ask if you know your son or daughter is at home and you haven’t had a phone call from us to ask you to confirm this, could you give us a call. In addition, we realise plans can change so if you are returning on a different date then you stated on the form, we will need an update from parents.

Over 18 students, who are 18 from the start of the academic year, will need to inform us when they are going home for the weekend, holiday or staying away for the night. You will need to complete a NOAF, but this will not need to be validated by parents. This is to allow for an accurate headcount in the event of an emergency.

If we have a record of you being away from your accommodation during a period when damage occurs in a communal area, you will not be expected to contribute towards this.

Please also note Christmas Closure:

The Gables will close for a two-week period over Christmas and New Year. Students are expected to go home to family or friends during this time. Dates for 2023/2024 are Thursday 21st December by 12pm move out day and Sunday 7th January move back in.

Moving out of halls

At the end of the academic year, you will need to follow the moving out instructions, which will be sent to you via email in May 2024. You will need to vacate your room no later than 10am on Saturday, 29th June 2024 after your last night of stay.

You should hand in all keys issued to you to the Accommodation Service Team at final departure. Failure to hand in your keys will result in replacement charges being made.

Please ensure that you take all personal property with you and that your room is left clean, tidy and in the same condition that you found it when you moved in. We are not responsible for storing belongings after departures

As you return your keys, you will be asked to complete the Accommodation Service Deposit Return Form. You will also be asked if you would like any post to be held for you or if you would like us to redirect any mail to you. We can hold post we might receive up until 30th September 2024. After this date any post which has been held for you, unless collected will be returned to sender.

When you have returned your keys, your room and flat will be checked and any damages recorded. See Damages Charges and Deposits for more information.

NFL Academy

The NFL Academy will have their own Charter for players to sign and adhere to. This will be in addition to all the terms and conditions here at The Gables.

Students over the age of 18 are accommodated in E Block as part of the NFL. Students from E Block must not enter into any other blocks and students from other blocks must not go into E Block. The Common Room may be used for socialising together.