Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Prior to arrival, you will be required to complete an online induction, which will include fire safety advice.

Residents’ safety in the event of a fire is a priority, and we can assure you we have the following in place to ensure your safety:

  • Robust fire risk assessment that is reviewed regularly
  • Buildings, policies and procedures comply with all existing regulations
  • Automatic fire detection system in all buildings, including bedrooms, kitchens, plant rooms and communal areas
  • Staff are trained to undertake proactive and reactive fire safety management, which includes building inspections and routine fire alarm testing

On arrival, you should read the Fire Evacuation Procedure displayed in your room and familiarise yourself with the fire exit routes. The fire alarm is directly linked to the Fire Service and false alarm responses may result in charges being applied. These charges will be passed on to the person/s responsible for the fire alarm activation.

If you discover a fire:

  • Immediately operate the nearest fire alarm call point (break glass)
  • Leave the building closing doors behind you and go to the designated assembly point
  • Telephone the emergency services on 999
  • Ring The Accommodation Team on 07909 892602

On hearing the fire alarm:

  • Immediately leave the building or area, closing doors behind you
  • Report to the fire assembly point
  • Do not re-enter the building until permission is given
  • Listen and follow instructions given to you by staff

Fire Equipment

The spread of smoke during a fire kills more people than the actual fire. Fire doors, smoke/heat detectors and fire fighting equipment, plays a vital role in allowing people to escape from the building, but the fire equipment cannot do its job if it is misused.

It is therefore prohibited to:

  • Wedge fire doors open, this includes kitchen doors
  • Block fire escape routes, including the corridors in your flats
  • Cover smoke/heat detectors
  • Tamper with or move any firefighting equipment
  • Damage fire doors
  • Exit fire doors and leaving them open when there is no fire evacuation