Security and Prevention


STUDENTS MUST CARRY THEIR COLLEGE ID CARD WITH THEM AT ALL TIMES For the halls of residence to remain safe and secure, as well as for your personal safety, access to all residential accommodation must be a priority for residents. Keys and door/gate entry system cards issued to
you for the gates/outer doors, flat doors, bedroom doors, post boxes and bicycle storage are your personal responsibility.

You should therefore ensure that:

  • Main entrances are kept secure. Under no circumstances should these doors be wedged open, tampered with, or left in an insecure manner at any time. The doors are there to provide safety and protection for everyone.
  • Keys and door entry system cards must always remain in the resident’s possession because you may not be able to gain entrance immediately to the site if you do have them because the Accommodation Staff may be away from the system, they use to remotely open the vehicle and pedestrian gates. If you need assistance to gain access to the site and the intercom system is unanswered you can contact staff to assist you by calling 07909892602
  • Keys and door entry system cards must not be given to anyone else under any circumstances.
  • Lost keys and door entry cards should be reported immediately to the Duty Accommodation Support Officer or Accommodation Service Staff to maintain security. A charge of up to £250 is made for lock changes. Replacement keys can cost up to £50 each.
  • You are not permitted to get copies of keys cut privately, as only specialist suppliers are legally allowed to replicate the suited keys for security purposes.
  • Always keep your room and flat door locked even when you are away for just a couple of minutes.
  • Your property should be security marked and insured.
  • Keep ground floor windows closed and curtains/blinds closed when out.


The following measures are in place to ensure security on the Gables site:

  • 24/7 site support is available. This is actioned by the Accommodation Service Team and the Accommodation Support Officers working to a rota which enables them to have a physical handover of shifts. In addition, a senior member of staff holds a call-out phone, which the Accommodation Support Officer can use for support in the event of an emergency.
  • Access to entrance doors is by a lock or an electronic card door entry system.
  • All internal doors are lockable and are on a secure suited system.
  • The building has external lighting, which is operated by a daylight sensor.
  • Security cameras with external views are situated at appropriate points on the Gables site.
  • Security cameras are installed in the entrance halls.
  • Accommodation Support Officers have access to the use of a bodycam, which will be used in the event of an incident occurring.
  • All windows have restrictors fitted.
  • Security issues are addressed during hall inductions, particularly locking doors and closing windows.
  • Residents in ground-floor rooms are advised not to leave valuable items on show.
  • Staff and students are required to complete Safeguarding and Prevent training.
  • Staff and students must always wear and display their lanyards.

Pressing emergency release buttons on Block doors and the pedestrian gate is a serious breach of security that puts all student’s safety at risk.

Personal safety

For your own personal safety follow these suggestions:

  • Avoid being out on your own after dark
  • Avoid dark alleys, parks, and isolated areas
  • Let your friends know you are going out and what time to expect you back
  • Be back in for the nightly safe and well checks if living in an under 18 block
  • Lock your bedroom door
  • Keep flat doors locked
  • Do not use emergency release buttons to exit blocks or the pedestrian gate

Safety responsibilities

Your responsibilities:

  • Comply with all safety rules and instructions
  • Report any accidents or near misses to the Accommodation Team
  • Do not interfere with any safety equipment
  • Always stay with guests
  • Maximum speed on site and college is 5 mph when driving, always wear your seat belt and have the right insurance cover
  • Do not press emergency release buttons on Block doors or pedestrian gate
  • Complete your absence forms if you are away from The Gables so we can confirm your whereabouts with parents/guardians

Safety of possessions

Use bike lockers, lock your car, keep bedroom secure by locking door and insure valuable items.

For those living in ground floor flats, do not have expensive items on show.

Keep flat and room doors locked.

For more information refer to Insurance.

Window opening restrictors

These are provided for your own safety and must not be tampered with. Any attempt to tamper with the restraints will result in disciplinary action and replacements will be charged to students.