Transport and Parking


Loughborough has a train station which provides links to major cities. There is also a large bus network including National Express. If you require any assistance or advice, please talk to the Accommodation Team.

Car and Motorcycle parking

Loughborough College is required to comply with a Section 106 Agreement for the Gables Site agreed with Charnwood Borough Council regarding onsite car parking.

There will be no onsite parking available other than to drop off and pick up belongings unless residents have registered their vehicle and paid the parking fee for an assigned car parking space.

Assigned parking permits can be purchased on a first come first served basis with the Accommodation Team and are issued in line with college parking and traffic policies.

The cost of a full parking permit for 23/24 is £430 for a car permit and £25 for a motorbike permit, which must be paid for in a single full payment before a permit is issued.

Residents must be aware of the parking regulations listed below, and they are advised that failure to observe the conditions could result in a financial penalty of £85.00 from the car parking monitoring service Horizon Parking Ltd.

  • The college does not accept responsibility for any damage caused to vehicles.
  • All drivers applying for car parking permits must have a current, valid driving licence.
  • All vehicles must be registered with the Accommodation Team on arrival. Registered permit holders will be given access through the vehicle gate via their student card.
  • Permit holders must not allow other residents to use their cards to gain access to the site through the vehicle gate as this is a security and Health and Safety Risk.
  • Registered vehicle owners must pay in full for an assigned parking space.
  • Any vehicle parking at The Gables must comply with all legal requirements of safety ie; MOT Certificate, Insurance and Car Tax.
  • Normal road traffic legislation applies to all college roads, e.g., seat belts must be worn, and mobile phones are not to be used whilst driving.
  • The maximum speed allowed on college roads is 5mph.
  • Cars must only be parked in the space assigned to the vehicle and resident. If residents find their assigned space occupied, they should contact the Accommodation Support Officer. Once the Accommodation Support Officer has arranged for your space to be vacated you will be expected to move your vehicle to your assigned space.
  • Short-stay parking in vacant spaces will be permitted by the Accommodation Support Officer for drop-off and pick-up purposes only, for a maximum of 20 minutes in any 24-hour period.
  • Financial Penalties will be applied for illegal or inappropriate parking of vehicles, such as parking in restricted areas, obstructing fire escape routes, obstructing access to facilities (e.g., waste bins).
  • Access to The Gables Car Park by non-permit holders is restricted.
  • Visitors and contractors should use the intercom system to request access to The Gables from the Accommodation Team.
  • Registering a vehicle with the Accommodation Team does not permit residents to park on the main college campus.

Please note that financial penalties imposed at The Gables for non-compliance of the car parking regulations are beyond the control of the Accommodation Service Team. To appeal a parking charge notice, please visit Horizon Parking’s website.


Bike lockers are provided free of charge. If you require a bike locker, come, and see the Accommodation Team when you arrive, who will get you to sign a locker rental agreement and provide you with a secure bike locker and key.

Bicycles must not be kept inside the halls of residence under any circumstance as they block fire exit routes.