Support and Wellbeing


Mental wellness and wellbeing are very important to us, and we understand that everyone has a different response to different situations. To support you we have a wide range of staff available that can help you both here at accommodation and at the college.

We will meet with all of you on a 1:1 basis within the first half term and then again after Christmas to go through a short assessment to understand how you are feeling and how confident you are with independent living skills.

It can be difficult being away from home and feeling homesick is very natural. We can support you through this time and offer you regular meetings with a member of the team. Remember that you can contact us 24 hours a day on 07909 892602 if you ever need to talk.

There is a box in the foyer of C Block, outside the Common room which says Concerns and Worries. You can use this to write down anything that you need support with emotionally and a member of the team will link in with you. You can also text the Accommodation Team with the word “Blue” if you are really struggling with your mental health and want one of us to come and see you as soon as we can, we don’t want you to suffer in silence in your room, please reach out so we can support you.

We have other staff from the college who are available for you to talk to if you wish and can offer a counselling service.

If you don’t feel able to talk to a member of the team, we can provide a list of independent support services.

Sexual Health

The C-Card service is available at The Gables. This is a confidential service; your details will not be shared with other staff. It provides free condom packs and sexual health advice, in association with the NHS.

Domestic problems

If you are not getting on with your flatmates, come and speak to the Accommodation Team who will support you to resolve any issues, we can’t help to resolve if we haven’t been made aware. It is always best to tell us as soon as you can before any issues escalate.