Accessibility Features of Windows

Ease of Access - Vision

In the settings Winodws Settings Cog of your Windows PC/Laptop you will find Ease of Access Ease of Access Icon here is where you can adjust the settings on your computer to make it more accessible to your needs, these settings are broken down into 3 sections: Vision, Hearing & Interaction.

To customize you settings in Windows and some Windows apps, select the Start Winodws Icon button, then select Settings Winodws Settings Cog > Ease of Access Ease of Access Icon > Select the settings you want and adjust to your preference.

These settings are for Windows 10 at college, if you are wanting to adjust your computer at home and you are on Windows 11, select the button below for more information and help.

  • Display – Make your display easier to see, make text and the screen size bigger, adjust brightness.





  • High Contrast – Make text and apps easier to see by using more distinct colours.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I find out more information on Windows accessibility features?

You can find out more information here on Microsoft’s support website and YouTube Playlist:

Make it easier to focus on tasks (Microsft support site)

Microsoft Windows Accessibility Playlist (YouTube)

Where can I go to find more support with Microsoft products?

You can find out more information and support on Microsoft’s website:

Disability Answer Desk (Microsoft support site)