FE Disciplinary Policy

The FE Disciplinary Policy is applicable to all students at Loughborough College.

All students are required to indicate that they understand the policy and are expected to adhere to it throughout their time as a student at college.

Students are expected to:

  • Attend all lessons.
  • Be punctual for all lessons.
  • Try hard and persist.
  • Complete all assignments by the deadline date and to the best of their ability.
  • Treat everybody with respect, consideration and tolerance.
  • Wear their lanyard and ID.
  • Adhere to their ‘Learner agreement and college code’.
  • Report absence.

If you are going to be absent for a class you must inform us before the class starts via your ILP on ProPortal or by calling your curriculum admin team.


Disciplinary Stages

Where possible, we will attempt to resolve any minor issues informally. In some instances, a support meeting may be held which identifies action plans and further support you may need moving forwards.

Where informal strategies do not work, or when a more serious disciplinary breach is alleged, then an investigation will take place, which may lead to a disciplinary hearing. Outcomes can be ‘no case to answer’, a written warning, an action plan or withdrawal from college.



Students have the right to appeal against a disciplinary outcome and sanction at any stage. The college decision after an appeal is FINAL and is the end of the disciplinary process.


The FE Disciplinary Policy is available on the college website.

FE Disciplinary Policy