Industry placement

Industry placements support work readiness and progression. These last 45 days and are a minimum of 315 hours.

The benefits of IP for learners include the following:

  • A great way to build and develop technical work-related skills.
  • A valuable source of personal development that helps improve communication, problem solving and management skills – making you more aware of the behaviours expected at work and thus making you more employable.
  • A useful opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of the running of a business and understand how it responds to change, as well as general commercial principles.
  • A useful way of building a valuable working relationship with an employer, resulting in a fuller and more meaningful employer reference to use for future employment.
  • A valuable addition to your CV to increase employability.
  • Better understanding of the nature of the work you are interested in pursuing.
  • Further development of course-based learning in a practical work environment.
  • Involvement in an industry placement should make a significant difference to employment prospects. It will do this by supporting you to gain valuable technical and ‘soft skills’ that will improve your employment prospects.

If you are on a course which takes advantage of industry placement opportunities, your course leader will provide further support and information. Work experience opportunities are also available.