Kitchen and Food

Kitchen talks

Kitchen talks will take place when you first move into your accommodation. This is a chance to go over all the terms and conditions of your Licence Agreement.

Throughout the year, further talks will take place to address other areas such as wellbeing and student voice, where you will have a chance to tell us any ideas or suggestions that you have.

Kitchen equipment

The following items are provided in all communal kitchens:

  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Cooker
  • Microwave
  • Kettle
  • Bins

If any of them break or develop a fault, please inform the Accommodation Team.

Large gatherings of people are not allowed in kitchens, it can be intimidating for flat mates and can create too much noise. Large groups will be asked to disperse.

Fridges and freezer space

Fridges and freezers are provided in the shared kitchen. Decide with your flatmates how you want to arrange food within this space.

Remember to label with dates and cover leftovers or batch cooking.

Food health and safety checks

Every weekend the Accommodation Team conduct checks on the food stored in fridges to ensure any food that is unsafe to eat is disposed of to prevent illness and contamination of other food. Staff must dispose of any food which is past its ‘Use By’ date and will use their judgement on food items which have a ‘Best Before’ date. Batch cooking or leftovers must be stored in appropriate containers, covered, and labelled with the date you cooked it. It is advised that these are consumed within 3 days before disposing of it. Label any food in the fridge that you are defrosting with the date you took it out of the freezer; defrosted food should be consumed within 24 hours.

A list will be left in your kitchen after each check, detailing what has been disposed of and why. Compensation cannot be given for food disposed of if it is out of date, appears past its best or not labelled.

All students will be enrolled on a Food Hygiene course which will provide you with all the information necessary to store and cook your food safely. Anything you are unsure of around food safety, please come and ask the Accommodation Team.

Food deliveries

You must be available to receive any grocery deliveries that you have ordered. The Accommodation Team will ring you when they arrive, and you must come down from your room to meet the driver in the car park.

The Accommodation Team cannot take in food deliveries for you or store them anywhere, they are your responsibility.

Pest control

Common causes of pests in halls are poor housekeeping, especially in kitchens. It is important to keep kitchens clean and tidy. Pests may also be brought into accommodation by accidental import in luggage and food. It’s best to avoid keeping any food in your bedroom.

If you are concerned or see any pests, please report this to the Accommodation Team on 07909892602/01509515435 or via email:

A specialist pest control company will investigate any reports and we will address the issue in line with their recommendations.