Contracts and Legal

Licence to Occupy Accommodation Agreement (Contract)

The Licence to Occupy Accommodation Agreement (Contract) is binding for the period of occupancy as specified on the licence. The college ensures that students are informed of this prior to signing the agreement and moving into their allocated accommodation.

Please note that for the purposes of Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, your right to cancel the contract ceases as soon as you take up occupancy.

The premises are provided for the purpose of enabling the student to attend a designated full-time course at Loughborough College and consequently, the Licence (Contract) does not create a secure tenancy being exempt by virtue of Paragraph 10 of Schedule One of the Housing Act 1985.

The accommodation allocated to the student is in accordance with the terms of this Licence/Contract. By this agreement, the college grants the student a Licence to Occupy the accommodation for a period of weeks within the academic year according to the enrolment dates for their course. A full academic year licence is 43 weeks long with the following term dates below:

Term Start Date End Date Weeks
Term 1 Sunday, 3 September 2023 Saturday, 6 January 2024 18
Term 2 Sunday, 7 January 2024 Saturday, 6 April 2024 13
Term 3 Sunday, 7 April 2024 Saturday, 29 June 2024 12

Cancelling your contract

The Vice Principal for Learner Experience may discretionally terminate the Licence to Occupy Accommodation Agreement (Contract) on behalf of the college by giving not less than one week’s written notice to the student in cases where the resident:

  • Has broken any of the conditions of the Licence or committed any serious offence such as stealing, assault, using or possessing illegal substances, endangering others with their behaviour etc.
  • Has failed to pay their rent by the due date in any period.
  • Has been expelled or excluded from the college or suspended from attendance for more than one month. If this happens, students can no longer reside at The Gables.

If a resident is under 18 years of age, the college will ensure that they are given adequate time to find alternative accommodation.

The amount due under the Licence to Occupy Accommodation Agreement (Contract) will be apportioned, and the resident reimbursed for any full weeks’ accommodation fees already paid that fall after the date of termination.

The contract will be cancelled, and the accommodation deposit will be forfeited if the student fails to take up the place in halls or if they leave before the end of the licence period without paying accommodation fees in full.

If you want to leave your accommodation, you will need to apply in writing for a Special Circumstance Release.

Accommodation Deposits are only refundable if the college refuses your application to study.

Terms and Conditions

A summary of the terms and conditions of your Licence Agreement is listed here:

  • Premises are provided for the purpose of enabling a student to attend a full-time course at Loughborough College
  • Deposit must be paid once you sign and return your Licence Agreement
  • Payment plans for rent must be kept up to date
  • No change to allocated room unless agreed with Accommodation Service Manager
  • Premises only to be used as a residence, no trade, profession, or business shall be conducted in any Halls or their grounds
  • Licence Agreement cannot be transferred, and rooms cannot be sub-let
  • Services can be suspended in the event of a Critical Incident
  • Any resident who sustains a head injury or is diagnosed with a contagious illness must inform the Accommodation Team immediately
  • Residents are responsible for cleaning of their rooms and must keep them tidy, failure to do this could result in disciplinary action
  • Access must be given to staff who request to inspect your room
  • Disciplinary action will be taken if any regulations are broken and rules not adhered to, accommodation link in with curriculum staff and Academy staff to work together to ensure conduct of students is consistent
  • You must always keep the site secure by using your lanyard, not releasing Block doors or the pedestrian gate, not using fire exits unless in the event of a fire
  • Stairs and corridors must be kept clear of belongings, so fire escape routes are accessible, fire equipment must not be tampered with, and fire doors not left open
  • Smoke and vape only in designated area, do not bring any illegal substances or paraphernalia onto site
  • Respect your fellow residents, keep noise to a minimum and keep communal areas clean
  • No bicycles to be kept inside flats or rooms, no ball games to be played on site, litter to be placed in bins
  • No banned items to be brought on site, no cooking in bedrooms, no ironing in bedrooms
  • No pets allowed unless there is medical proof that a therapy pet is needed

Special circumstance release

Residents wishing to terminate their Licence to Occupy Accommodation Agreement (Contract) prior to the end of their agreed occupation period should apply in writing to be released from the contract.

The application for Special Circumstance Release must be sent to the Accommodation Services Manager, stating in full the reasons for their request. If there is a change of circumstances that affects residency occurs, such as medical grounds or change to personal and/or financial circumstances, evidence of the change of circumstance will be required.

Any accommodation fee refunds or adjustments will made in full weeks only, with the return date of the keys or the agreed academic withdrawal date, whichever is the latest, being the date used for calculating the number of full weeks fees to be refunded.


The Accommodation team work closely with MSUK to ensure levels of behaviour here at The Gables are adhered to. Not conforming to the Terms and Conditions of your Licence Agreement at The Gables will be reported to MSUK.