Maths and English

The study of Maths and English is central to success. Students who do not have a grade 4 or above in Maths or English will be supported to achieve this. Maths and English skills are also embedded within the study programme.

Maths and English are key skills which will enable you to be successful in work and life. Achieving a recognised Maths and English qualification will open up career and job opportunities. They will allow you to progress to higher qualifications, such as a degree or higher apprenticeship. National data shows that having a Maths and English qualification will mean you can earn significantly more over your lifetime.

As well as increasing your career opportunities, they will provide you with vital skills for life, such as avoiding financial scams (e.g. phishing), understanding and checking your payslips, filling in forms and writing emails correctly. They will also help you to engage with and understand current global issues, e.g. climate change.

English and Mathematics Skills Policy