Rules and Guidelines

Visitors (sign in and out)

Visitors must sign in and out at the main office situated in the EAPC house. You are responsible for your guest at all times and must not leave them unaccompanied. You must meet your guest at the pedestrian gate as they will not be able to or allowed to gain access to the site otherwise. Guests will not have access to the main block doors or flat doors without you, you must not give them your lanyard or keys to use. These rules apply for both residents under 18 and over 18, we need to know who is on site in the event of a fire.

Only one guest per resident.

Visitors must sign out at the main office and be off site by 10pm.

Visitors must not stay overnight. You must not allow visitors to use your room in your absence. Any damage caused by your visitors will be your responsibility.

The Accommodation Team reserve the right to ask visitors to leave if they are causing a disturbance, upsetting other residents, or not respecting the building. Any visitors found on site without a resident will be escorted off site.  We may exclude visitors from site if we have reasonable grounds to believe that this is necessary for the safety and/or wellbeing of other residents.

Visitors also include other residents from different blocks and flats. All students to return to their own blocks and flats by 10pm. This will keep noise levels down for those students who wish to go to sleep prior to the nightly checks. Large gatherings are not permitted in kitchens due to noise levels.

Nightly safe and well checks

Accommodation for under 18 students has been inspected by Ofsted for compliance to the National Minimum Standard for Accommodation of Students Under Eighteen by Further Education Colleges, under Section 87A of the Children Act 1989 as amended by the Care Standards Act 2000.

To ensure students get enough sleep, in preparation for their college day and sporting activities, all residents must be back in their rooms for the nightly safe and well checks. Sunday through to Thursday night this is 11pm and on Friday and Saturday this is 11.30pm. All residents who have not notified us of an absence must be accounted for. Once the check has been completed by staff, residents are expected to stay in their flats and not leave their flat or block to visit anyone else on site.

To ensure each resident is safe, the staff will ask that each resident shows their face at their bedroom door, so they are physically seen. If there is no response from the staff member knocking on the door, the staff will announce they are coming into the room to check the resident.

We appreciate some residents may not want to wait up until either 11pm or 11.30pm so they can text 07909 892602 to say they are going to bed early, and the staff member will come to their room shortly afterwards to physically see them. This is called an early check-in. Early check-in’s can be requested up to 15 minutes before the nightly checks are done, after this staff are preparing for the nightly safe and well checks so may not be available.

Anyone who is seen around site after they have checked in may be subject to disciplinary procedures.

Banned items

Please see below the list of items that are banned from accommodation:

  • Firearms, air weapons, imitation firearms or air weapons, BB guns, catapults, knives, knife belts, incendiary devices (including fireworks), ammunition, dangerous weapons, or items that could be used as dangerous weapons (e.g., darts) into the halls or their grounds.
  • The use of electrical cooking appliances (rice cookers, kettles, toasters, slow cookers, deep fat fryers etc.) are not allowed in student bedrooms because of the serious risk of fire. Any of these items found in rooms will be removed and stored until the end of the occupancy period.
  • The possession and use of candles, incense sticks and other ignitable materials is forbidden, as they pose a serious risk of fire.
  • The use of chip pans and deep fat fryers in kitchens is forbidden, as they pose a serious risk of fire.
  • Portable heaters of any description, cookers, freezers, fridges, tumble dryers and items of furniture other than those provided by the college are not allowed in halls. Fridges and freezers may be allowed in bedrooms if their necessity is supported by medical evidence or special circumstances.
  • The keeping of pets of any species, are not allowed in halls, unless their requirement is supported by medical evidence, i.e., medical support animals.
  • E-Scooters are banned from site as they are illegal and pose a fire risk. Any E-scooter found will be confiscated.
  • LED Lighting is banned from rooms due to the damage caused when they are removed. Do not stick LED lighting to your walls or ceilings, if found it will be removed and you will be charged for the damage.
  • Use of nails/screws/tape/sticky hooks that will cause damage to paintwork on walls, ceilings or furniture.


Alcohol is not permitted on site and will be confiscated if found. Even when you turn 18 throughout the academic year, you must still abide by the under 18’s rules, no alcohol on site. Any alcoholic gifts received for 18th birthdays must not be kept in your room or kitchen – the Accommodation Team will store it for you until you are returning home.

Failure to comply to these rules will result in disciplinary action.

The Accommodation Team reserve the right to ask visitors to leave if they are drinking alcohol.

Drugs (illegal drugs)

Our students’ wellbeing is very important to us, and whilst the college has a zero-tolerance to illegal drug taking, we also want to make sure that you can seek support and guidance if you are facing difficulties with drug use. Misusing drugs (prescribed, over the counter or illegal) can negatively impact your academic achievements, health, sports performance, and personal life. It is strongly recommended that any student who thinks they may have a difficulty with a drug(s) seek professional support. For more information see our Wellbeing information.

Whilst we fully understand the difficulties with drug misuse, the possession, storage, consumption or association with any illegal substances or paraphernalia on college property or grounds is forbidden. Any student who breaches the zero-tolerance rule will face serious disciplinary action which may result in exclusion from Halls and College. The Halls and College Disciplinary Procedure will be applied, and the police may be informed.

Smoking / Vaping

Smoking and vaping are not allowed in your rooms or any part of the buildings. Covering up of smoke detectors compromises the safety of yourself and others and will result in disciplinary action.

A smoking area is provided on the grounds for those students who smoke or vape.

Pets and animals

Pets are not allowed in the halls.

If you have a support animal, please speak to the Accommodation Team as requests for therapy animals to stay at halls must be supported by a medical professional who is part of your care package.


Halls are shared buildings where people live in close proximity to each other. It’s therefore essential to remain mindful of the noise level. Everyone should expect to work and sleep in their own rooms without being unduly disturbed.

It is inevitable that noise will happen and is normally unintentional. Often, asking other residents to be quieter politely can resolve it. However, if you are faced with persistent noise or noise that you cannot resolve yourself, please call 07909 892602 for support from staff. The Accommodation Team will work with flatmates to find a resolution.

Persistent noise offenders could face disciplinary action.

For more information see Living together in halls.

Ball games

Ball games are not permitted on site for safety reasons: windows, cars, and main roads. There are local parks that we would recommend all residents to use if they would like to play ball games:

  • Greenbelt Park: Woodbrook Way, Loughborough LE11 3HU, 6-minute walk from Accommodation
  • Queen’s Park: Frederick St, Loughborough LE11 3BJ, 12-minute walk from Accommodation
  • Radmoor Road Park: Radmoor Road, Loughborough, LE11 3BD, 14-minute walk from Accommodation


No parties are allowed.