FE Probation, Targets, Progression & Destinations

Student Probation Period

Students beginning a course at Loughborough College should understand that if they don’t meet the following criteria within their first six weeks at college, they may be at risk of being withdrawn from their programme of study.

  • Poor attendance (including both online lessons and face to face lessons). The college expectation is attendance above 90%.
  • Failure to submit any set tasks to the required standard including homework and/or formal assessments.
  • Poor behaviour or attitude to learning both in the classroom / online lessons or other areas of the college.

Targets and Progress Monitoring

We want you to make fantastic progress. As a college, we monitor your academic progress throughout the year. When you enrol at the college we record your GCSE results which allows us to set challenging academic targets. These targets allow your teaching team to plan their teaching and your learning and to monitor how well you are doing on your chosen qualification against your targets.

Progression and Destinations

We will contact you approximately 6 months after leaving college asking you for information regarding what you are doing now (employment, further study, apprenticeship etc.).

The college is required by the government to collect this information to inform their understanding of the impact of further education on employment, further study and apprenticeships. This helps to inform national policy on the future of education.

The Further Education Progression Policy and Procedure can be found on the college website.