Welcome to LearnZone

What is LearnZone?

LearnZone is a Virtual Learning Environment for FE students studying at Loughborough College.  It’s a website where your teachers can organise all of the teaching and learning resources you will need to be successful.  You might also be required to submit work online through LearnZone.

What is HE LearnZone?

HE LearnZone is a Virtual Learning Environment for HE students studying at Loughborough College.  If you are studying a HE course then you will have access to this version of the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment.

What is LearnZone/HELearnZone used for?

LearnZone contains your course information, resources, and other materials uploaded by your tutors and lecturers. Materials on LearnZone can range from PowerPoints and resources that tutors have used in classes, to extra work and online activities such as quizzes and forums.

You will also find a range of other information and activities on LearnZone such as Tutorials, Help and Support and Enrichment which are all accessed and completed through LearnZone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is LearnZone?

It’s basically a digital learning website for our students in Further Education that you can use to learn and progress together with your lecturers and tutors.

What is HE LearnZone?

It’s basically a fancy website for our students in Higher Education that you can use to learn and progress together with your lecturers and tutors.

How do I use LearnZone or HELearnZone?

Log in using your Office365 password and then navigate to your course, unit or module before clicking on it to automatically enroll.  You will then see all of the activities, resources, and information your lecturer has added.  You can watch the various videos here to help you and contact your lecturer should you need helping to find anything on LearnZone.

How do I submit my assignment?

You will need to go to the course, unit, or module as directed by your lecturer and find an assignment or Turnitin activity.  You can then upload your work usually by dragging and dropping the file.  For more information visit the Assignment/Turnitin sections of this helpdesk.

How do I login to LearnZone?

Go to http://learnzone.loucoll.ac.uk/ for FE LearnZone or http://helearnzone.loucoll.ac.uk for HE LearnZone.  Use your Office365 username and password to log in.  This is your email address (e.g. 123456@student.loucoll.ac.uk) and your normal password.

I can't login to LearnZone,

After you’ve checked your email address is accurate, the best thing to do next is try to reset your password at your.loucoll.ac.uk

If you still can’t gain entry, please contact your lecturer who will email the eLearning Helpdesk for support.