Policies and Procedures

Complaints and Appeals

We are committed to resolving any issue you may have with your halls accommodation and always aim to deal with problems efficiently and effectively. If you have any issue related to living in halls, your first point of call should be the Accommodation Team. We ask that you make us aware of an issue so it can be resolved. We will always listen to any complaints that you may have and will respond accordingly. We can only put something right if we know there is a problem.

After speaking to the Accommodation Team, and you feel the issue is not resolved, the college has an official complaints procedure, details of which are available from the main college reception, The Gables or the college website.

Disciplinary Procedures

The Halls and College Disciplinary Procedure will be applied to any student not complying with the contractual obligations of living in the halls. A management information system is used to inform tutors of any non-compliance, recording any incidents as a “Cause for Concern (May Lead to Disciplinary).

Accommodation staff and tutors may initiate disciplinary action, which could affect your residential occupancy, academic progress, and places within your sports academies. The Accommodation Team liaise with college academic staff to ensure the same level and expectation of behaviours is maintained both while attending college and living at The Gables.