Your Username and Password

During enrolment, you will be issued with a username and password.

Your username will be your student ID, this can be found on your student card.

Your college account is essential for accessing the following systems:

  • LearnZone / HELearnZone
  • Microsoft Office (including Email and Teams)
  • ILP

Your College Email Address

Your college email address will be made up of the studentid followed by (e.g.  Use this email for communicating at the college.

Setting Your Password

To set your password you need to go to the webpage You can also this website to reset your password should you forget.

If you are an offsite learner you will receive an email about your account.  Once you have your Student ID number you can visit and set your password.

If you have not yet received an email please contact where they will be very happy to help!

Creating a Secure Password

Here are some hints and tips for creating a secure password:

  • Do not use personal information. …
  • Do not use real words. …
  • Create longer passwords. …
  • Modify easy-to-remember phrases. …
  • Don’t write them down. …
  • Change passwords on a regular basis. …
  • Use different passwords on different accounts. …
  • Do not type passwords on devices or networks you do not control.

Check the strength of your password at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I don't know my student number.

Please contact the IT Support Helpdesk.

How can I set my password for the first time?

Please goto

I've forgotten my password.

Please goto

I can't login to Microsoft Office 365 and/or Microsoft Teams

To login to Office 365 or LearnZone you need to use your full email address (e.g.

I have enrolled but I haven't received an email with my account details.

Please contact and they can check to see if your account is active.

I've forgotten my student number.

Check on the front of your college student ID badge.  Contact armed with all of your personal details and they should be able to help you, assuming they can verify you are who you say you are.

Is my password secure enough?