Assessment Policy

Scope and Purpose of the Policy

This policy relates to all students enrolled on a course at Loughborough College

The purpose of the policy is to outline the rules governing the submission of assessments including the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to help prevent unintentional plagiarism.

Guidelines on the use of AI for developing assessments can be found on the AI Guidance page on the Helpdesk.

Policy Statement

All students must follow the assessment policy and guidelines below, unless explicitly identified for a specific assessment or an identified reasonable adjustment has been made. For all Controlled Assessments undertaken in exam conditions, clear guidance regarding academic conduct and assessment process will be provided at the beginning of the controlled assessment period.

Expectations of the assessment process

In line with the college Academic Misconduct Policy, it is important you do not pass off someone else’s work, including AI-generated content, as your own work.

You must not paraphrase sections of other people’s work, including AI-generated content, to present the work as your own.

You must clearly reference quoted or paraphrased parts of other people’s work, including AI generated content. For generative AI content, within the reference section you must include the platform used, prompts and responses within your indices.

You must not submit work with intentionally incomplete or misleading references or bibliographies.

You must ensure that collaborative group work is not plagiarised or generated by AI. Responsibility for this falls on the entire group and must be checked before submission.

Failure to meet these expectations, where submission contributes towards your awarding grade/classification/final grade, will be considered as academic misconduct. This may prompt further investigation and could result in disciplinary action in accordance with the College’s Learner Disciplinary Policy.

Assessment submissions

Unless stated otherwise by the teacher, submissions will only be accepted through the Turnitin system for any content containing text that contributes toward your awarded grade/classification/ final grade, including supporting materials for practical assessment such as slide decks, cue cards, and session plans.

The Turnitin system will check submissions for similarity to other papers and online content, including generative AI content.

All assessed materials are to be produced using Microsoft Office products, as provided by Loughborough College, unless a different product has been specified in the assignment brief or approved as part of a reasonable adjustment.

Transcripts will not be allowed as part of assessed presentations unless they are part of an existing identified reasonable adjustment, in this case, they must be submitted via a Turnitin assessment unless stated.

The full Assessment policy can be found on the Loughborough College website by following the link below.

Loughborough College Assessment Policy