Your College - Our shared values

Our Vision

Broadening horizons.
Transforming lives.
Shaping futures.

Our Mission

To transform and enrich lives through lifelong learning, empowering the workforce of tomorrow

Our Culture

An inclusive supportive and welcoming culture that embodies our values and thrives on innovation and achievement.

Our Rise Values


We are inclusive, respectful and embrace the rich diversity of our college community.


We continuously move forward, innovating to improve everything we do and enhance the positive impact we have on lives and the environment.


We strive for excellence in every aspect of our performance and share the aspiration to be one of the best places to learn and grow in the UK.


Everyone is trusted to take ownership of and accountability for their work, making honest open, ethical, and fair decisions

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Loughborough College promotes and celebrates equality, diversity and inclusion. As a college, we embrace the FREDIE values, of

Fairness – All individuals will be treated fairly, consistently and equally by ensuring everyone has a voice.

Respect – Everyone will be treated with respect and decency throughout their time at Loughborough College.

Equality – Everyone will be given the same opportunities throughout their time at Loughborough College.

Diversity – The College will work towards being diverse by ensuring all people are represented and have role models to aspire to.

Inclusion – Loughborough College will create an inclusive environment that celebrates everyone’s individuality.

Engagement – Loughborough College will ensure a more diverse and engaged community by ensuring effective communication, representation, feedback and collaborative working.

We are all responsible for ensuring that all individuals receive the same opportunities to develop, grow and achieve their full potential, regardless of personal circumstances and individual differences.

These values are relevant to the whole college community and support the way in which we work and communicate with each other. You will learn more about these values and how these can be demonstrated within your induction and throughout
your studies with us.

If you would like further information, advice and guidance, or feel that you would like to report an issue relating to the FREDIE values, please contact:

If you haven’t already, take a look at the FREDIE section in the student induction on LearnZone

British Values

At Loughborough College, we actively promote the British Values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect & tolerance of others with different faiths and beliefs. We will help you to develop understanding and experience of these values during your time at college.

If there are ever any concerns about the safety and welfare of a learner please call the Safeguarding team: 07979 737474.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Prevent and British Values section in the student induction on LearnZone


At Loughborough College, we encourage people from different backgrounds, cultures and sexual orientations to work and study together in mutual respect.  Our aim is to provide a safe, happy environment where people can reach their individual potential without fear of prejudice or discrimination.

At College, we have an active LGBTQ+ Group, which meets regularly to share experiences and plan activities.

If you wish to join the group, please email:


External Services

Leicester LGBT Centre – Tel 0116 254 7412 or visit:

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Loughborough College is committed to the promotion of equal opportunities. Discrimination and harassment against transgender and non-binary staff, learners or visitors will not be tolerated, and the College will provide a positive and welcoming environment for all. LGBT+ people deserve and need unconditional acceptance without the pressure and, in many cases, the expectation to conform to heteronormativity.

Lisa Vine is an award-winning LGBT+ advocate, consultant and trainer, supporting those striving for LGBT+ inclusion. Lisa offers our learners free 1:1 confidential support and advice for LGBT+ learners as well as those questioning their sexuality or gender identity.

To find out more about the services Lisa offers or how she might be able to support you, contact or get support on your learner dashboard.

External Services

Leicester LGBT Centre – Tel 0116 254 7412 or visit: www.leicesterlgbtcentre.