Absence Reporting

Not able to attend college?  Go to www.loucoll.ac.uk/absence for further information.

Please use your ILP on ProPortal to report your absence in advance or by telephone using your Curriculum contact number


If you are involved in an accident while at College you should request help immediately from a member of staff or Reception in the Hub. Once any emergency has passed you must ensure an accident form is completed either by yourself or the staff member who assisted with the incident. This is a legal requirement.


If the fire alarm sounds you should leave the building immediately and make your way to the nearest assembly point.  Do not use lifts. Notices are displayed throughout the college identifying the assembly points. There are fire refuges, within all buildings, for use by people with mobility difficulties. You must never re-enter a building until a member of staff tells you it is safe to do so.

If you discover a fire, sound the alarm via the red call point boxes. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PUT A FIRE OUT YOURSELF.

If it is safe to do so phone: 555 or 01509 618395 to inform reception of the emergency.

No cars, bikes or motorcycles should be used during a fire evacuation as they could obstruct emergency services vehicles.

First Aid

If you need a first aider you should immediately speak to the nearest member of staff or Reception who will locate a first aider for you.

The first aid room is located in the Hub.

Call: 555 or 07867 831233


We need you to help us make Loughborough College a secure, safe and friendly place for all its students, staff and visitors.

You are responsible for the safe-keeping of your own property (money, phones, bags etc). Never leave your personal belongings unattended. Loughborough College cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft of your property, including vehicles and bikes, whilst at College.

In some areas, students can use lockers and/or bicycle lockers to keep their personal belongings safe.

The College operates a CCTV system which is provided for the safety and security of everyone. Any behaviour which puts safety and security at risk will result in disciplinary action.