Welcome to Loughborough College.  Your college account is essential for accessing a number of college systems.  Soon after enrollment, you will receive your Student ID and information on how to set your password for your new Loughborough College account.

Software & Systems

You will have access to a wide range of software and systems once you enroll in a course at Loughborough College.

Microsoft 365 authenticated systems. Use your college email address as username (e.g. 123456@student.loucoll.ac.uk)

Non-Microsoft 365 authenticated systems.  Use your Student ID as username.  (e.g. 123456)

Help & Support

If you need any additional help or your question is not answered anywhere on this helpdesk you have a number of different options depending on your issue.

The Library Helpdesk

For issues relating to:

  • Searching for books and electronic books
  • Book loan requests and renewals
  • Interlibrary book loans
  • Using a computer
  • Printing
  • Remote Desktop
  • Study skills support (e.g. referencing)

You can visit the library if you are on-campus, email them or call them if needed.  To email them you can complete the short email form below.

The IT Support Helpdesk

For issues relating to:

  • Account, username, and password issues
  • Problems accessing computer systems generally
  • Issues concerns hardware and software on college computer systems

Remember you can always contact your lecturers and tutors for help and support as they may be able to resolve simple issues concerns access to some of the systems you need to access.

IT Support can also be found in the Stationery shop on the ground floor of B-block

The Digital Learning Helpdesk

For issues relating to:

  • Issues with LearnZone or HELearnZone*
  • Issues relating to accessing and using Microsoft Teams*
  • Issue relating to Turnitin*

The eLearning helpdesk can only support you when your lecturers and tutors are unavailable or able to solve your issues with the above software and systems.

* You must contact your lecturer or tutor in the first instance who will support you with using these systems.  Should problems persist they will then send an email to the eLearning Helpdesk for further guidance and support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are my login details?

You need to enrol on a course at the college.  Once you enrol your account will automatically be created.

What is my username?

Your username is the same as your college ID number and this is printed on your ID badge.

What is my password?

To set or reset your password visit your.loucoll.ac.uk