Student Charter

Loughborough College will:

  • Encourage its employees to treat students and colleagues equally and respectfully.


Loughborough College aims to provide:

  • High standards of teaching, support, advice and guidance.
  • Access to a safe environment and practices which promote safeguarding.
  • Access to activities that will enhance employability and personal development.
  • Regular continuing professional development for staff.
  • Opportunities for student involvement in reviewing teaching, learning and curriculum planning.
  • Advice and support services on health, welfare, accommodation, finance and careers.
  • Access to study spaces, learning resources and IT facilities.


Loughborough College aims to provide students with the following information:

  • Timely notice, where reasonably possible, of course changes such as timetabled events and cancelled classes.
  • Provide clear deadlines and timeframes for feedback on submitted work.
  • Give all students access to an electronic student handbook detailing support arrangements and regulations.
  • Give all students access to an electronic course handbook detailing course content, assessment criteria, mode of delivery of course, assessment and/or
  • Examination arrangements, academic guidance, support appeals and complaints procedures and professional requirements.
  • Provide details of course costs, payment options and where applicable financial support.


Loughborough College expects students to:

  • Treat staff and fellow students equally and respectfully.
  • Behave safely and responsibly on campus and whilst travelling to and from the campus.
  • Respect the College environment and accommodation and behave respectfully to neighbours, and foster good relationships.
  • Attend induction and participate fully in timetabled sessions including meetings with staff.
  • Arrive promptly, ready and fully prepared for learning.
  • Manage own learning and additional study time.
  • Obtain agreement in advance for essential absences and inform the absence hotline of any unavoidable absences.
  • Abide fully with all college regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Submit assessed work by stated deadlines and actively participate in feedback.