Your username can either be your Student ID or your email address which is the Student ID plus (e.g.  As a general rule anything that is connected to Microsoft 365 will require your email address, otherwise it will likely be just your Student ID number.

Username and Password

Your Loughborough College account is essential for allowing you to access the college computers and different software you may want to use.

You will need your username or email address and password to access all of the systems at the college.

Logging Into Different Systems

Microsft 365 based systems (use your Email Address as username):

Non-Microsoft 365 systems (use your Student ID as username):

Resetting Your Password

If you have issues with your password go to and reset it.

If you did not receive an email, contact IT Support on 01509 618369 or by email at

For help on resetting your password go to the Forgotten Password help page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's my username?

Some systems just need your Student ID and others need your Email Address.

I can't login to anything.

Reset your password at

I can login to some systems, but not others.

Check that you are using the right username.  Some systems just need your Student ID and others need your Email Address.

What is Single Sign On (SSO)?

The Single Sign On means that you should only need to login to many systems once and your browser will automatically log you into other systems connected to the college.  For example, if you first sign into the Student Dashboard ( it should then sign you into LearnZone or Microsoft 365 automatically if you click on the links on the Student Dashboard page.

I can't sign another user out.

Try clearing the cookies in your browser.