Attendance and Absence


We have high ambitions for you and attendance is one of the most critical factors in achieving success. We expect you to attend all lessons (online and on-site).

FE Students

Throughout the year we send regular updates to your parents. You and your parents also have daily access to detailed attendance data through your Individual Learning Plan.

HE Students

Student Review Boards take place regularly throughout the academic year to analyse student attendance and engagement, including a Probation Board 4 weeks after enrolment. If students have low attendance and engagement with learning, they may be withdrawn at these points.


Head to your Student Dashboard to look at your current attendance % this will also show your current timetable.

Term Dates can be found on the Loughborough College website

If you are not able to attend please use your ILP (How to guide) on ProMonitor or telephone the Curriculum contact number to report your absence in advance.


  • If you are not able to attend college for whatever reason, it is essential that you log your absence on your Individual Learning Plan. make sure you give examples e.g. family emergency or sickness as you may be asked to provide evidence.
  • This automatically feeds through to the registers a recorded absence (R).
  • Failure to notify us will result in an unauthorised absence (A). This will affect any financial support you may receive e.g. Learner Support Fund. Any unauthorised absences will also result in disciplinary action being taken.

If you will not be attending college when you are due to attend, you must report this through your ILP.  Follow this link for guidance on how to report an absence.