Assessment and Academic Appeals

If a situation arises where you do not agree with an assessment decision you can appeal against it. In the first instance, you must discuss the matter with the tutor/assessor who assessed the work to fully understand how the grade was awarded and the feedback given. If you still disagree then you must appeal in writing within 5 days, to your programme leader, who will set up an appeals meeting to consider your case. 

For more information please contact the Quality and Standards team at

Email:  or Phone: 01509 618384.

Please ensure you check your personal information on LearnZone regularly.  If you change your mobile phone or address, you must inform your Teacher, Learning Coach or the Student Recruitment Team immediately or you may miss out on vital information.

The Examinations Team are based in Business Solutions on the ground floor of L Block if you have any queries please come and see us.

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